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Unique KARBON notebook

Unique KARBON notebook

This unique notebook highlights the best parts of Croatian art and history.

Although school has ended we are already preparing for the new school year! From producing the existing products to developing new ones. That is why our team sat down and started to think. They have consulted and discussed how can they surprise the students this year.

And from their creative heads a news idea came through - Karbon notebooks!

And not just any kind. The inside of the covers is full of formulas and definitions that are important for a student.

The hardcovers are decorated with cheerful, funny or powerful designs of Croatian scientists of artists:
  • Mathematics (Ruđer Bošković)
  • Physics (Nikola Tesla)
  • Chemistry (Lavoslav Ružička, Vladimir Prelog)
  • Croatian language (Antun Gustav Matoš)
  • Geography and History (Faust Vrančić)
  • Biology (Croatian endemic species)
  • Foreign languages
  • Music (Vatroslav Lisinski)