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Manufacturer: ETHNO CROATIA

Traditional sweets Ethno Croatia P40

Code: 236903-EC

Traditional sweet recipes were provided by Milica Belichev, an award-winning culinary recipe writer.

Product Features:

  • Material: Paper
  • Traditional recipes include notes for writing your recipes
  • Dimension: 240 x 170mm
  • Number of motifs: 2


In addition to traditional recipes, the sweet cook Ethno Croatia brings a story. How an individual dessert came into being, why, on what occasion it was made, which symbolizes its meanings. The ideas of this cookbook have been preserved and promoted to the gastronomic heritage and are being proposed to future generations.


Submitted recipes:

Milica Beličev

She uses the passion for cooking as a tool with which she shows love, loyalty, support and friendship. Unselfish in sharing herself through warmth that she glows with, tireless in preparing all sorts of pleasures for the palate. Whoever ate at Milica’s table forever carries a piece of her love towards people, food, tradition, song and laughter. Milica is an award-winning blogger who posts her recipes and gives them to thousands of followers so she can spread love and brighten their day.  www.coolinarika.hr -> @Milicza

10 traditional recipes that can be found in a cookbook:


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