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Powerful CASIO fx 991 EX

Powerful CASIO fx 991 EX

How well do you know this popular CASIO calculator model?

With more than 130 functions than its predecessor FX-911ES PLUS, the powerful Casio calculator model FX-991EX proves, once again, its power over not only the competition but other Casio calculators.

High-resolution LCD screen

This models resolution is 192 x 63 px which is four times more than the earliest models from the same series. Also, ClassWiz has a new system with a faster processor and double the memory capacity.

Spreadsheets for beginners, QR code for experts

Spreadsheets allow easy use even for students. Additionally, calculation results can be transferred on a smartphone or tablet by scanning the QR code that the calculator can generate.

Advantages over a previous model form the same series

Casio FX-991ESPLUS Casio FX-991EX
417 functions 552 functions
natural V.P.A.M. screen natural V.P.A.M. high-resolution 192x63 px screen
15/10+2 lines 16/10+2 lines
  QR code (graph preview on a smartphone/tablet)
  faster processor


  • 522 functions
  • 16/10+2 lines
  • super fast processor
  • with a plastic slide-on cover
  • power: solar and battery (1xLR44)
  • size: 77 x 165,5 x 11,1 mm
  • weight: 90g


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