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Karbon stationary - I'm still standing

Karbon stationary - I'm still standing

Production in Croatia, and Europe in general, has been a hot topic for a minute. Discover the story of how tradition kept the production alive.

In the words of the world renown Elton John - "I'm still standing." and it refers the last school supplies manufacturer in Croatia - Eurokarbon d.o.o.

Karbon was born in the past millennium and continued it up to 2016 when it transitioned to Eurokarbon d.o.o. under the company Eurocom d.o.o.

The production is located at the same place it was over 60 years ago - in the Blato city on the island of Korčula.

But why keep the production there?

There was a time many productions were shutting down and Karbon was having its issues too. But many people depended on the work of the factory so in order to keep the working places the production did not move.

Was that the right decision?

Those were difficult times and with the cost of production on an island being bigger it was doubtful if the production will survive. Then the shift to Eurokarbon in 2016 happened, the traditional assortment was acquired along with a national child favourite character "Hlapić".

It proved to be the right decision because the growth at that time was 30%.

The magic of Karbon products - Croatian, healthy, non-toxic and for older generations nostalgic.

Karbon produces a variety of chalks, glues, crayons, poster colours, watercolours and other art supplies. Many generations remember Karbofix glue and it's iconic canister design with a blue spoon whose almond scent reminds of childhood, creative expression and carefree days. 

Do you know who was the most famous resident at the island of Korčula where our production is located?

It's Marco Polo! In his honor, the new exclusive chalk line continues to sail the seas of shelves in many markets around Croatia - and further!

Karbon products are often used in kindergartens and schools due to their non-toxic traits. Also, many thematic educational workshops are organised in cooperation with neighbourhood cultural centres, bookstores and shopping malls.

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