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Graphite pencil KARBON

Karbon Graphite pencils with 5 lead shades.

Karbon graphite pencils are produced exist in 5 lead shades and it is used in writing, drawing and sketching, in school or in the office. The pencils are made from Pinus Siberica

  • Marked with H are hard leaded pencils while the softer ones are marked with B
  • The numbers in front of the letters represent the degree of the lead hardness
  • The bigger the number in front of the letter H the harder the lead in the pencil, the bigger the number in front of the letter B the softer the pencil
  • Pencils with HB mark are medium lead shades and are usually used for writing


  • hexagonal
  • lead shades 2H, H, HB, B, 2B
  • thickness of graphite  2,2 mm

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