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A love story of tradition in the 21st century.

We present you original souvenirs created to promote and help preserve Croatia’s rich cultural heritage. The designs are inspired by traditional handicrafts and will give you an insight into various natural and cultural beauties of our beautiful country. The biggest emphasis is on non-material Croatian cultural heritage with the support of Croatian cultural associations and institutions as well as the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Made up from Croatian traditional motifs inspired by the heritage of traditional handicraft and the beauty of nature.

Most recognizable motifs used in the design:
  1. Pag lace
  2. Embroidery of Šestine
  3. Flower embroidery of Posavina
  4. Šibenik hat motif
  5. Embroidery of Koprivnički Ivanec
  6. Istrian woollen belt motif or “kanica”
  7. Slavonian goldwork embroidery
  8. Motifs on the apron of Lika
  9. Konavle embroidery
  10.  “Građa Ravni kotari”, a characteristic decoration found on the attire of Zadar’s hinterland

How did Ethno Croatia sneakers come to be?

We’ve joined an adventure called life of many generations. Ethno Croatia sneakers are produced by traditional handmade techniques. When you get your new pair of shoes, take a good look. You will notice that each pair shows subtle nuances of a masterly handmade product.



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